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About FläktComp Sweden AB

Since 2003, FläktComp Sweden AB is part of the Witt group, which includes a number of high-quality fan companies around Europe, such as Witt&Sohn AG, Fan Systems Ltd. and Meidinger AG.
Together, the companies in the group operate in more than 60 countries around the world.
Our collective knowledge is available to you when you need a reliable partner in fans and fan systems.
The companies in the Witt group promises you:

– Highest possible product quality
– Continuous research and development
– Great commitment to our partners and customers

Thanks to these values, we are a world leader in industrial fan technology in several areas.
With our expertise in both axial fan and radial fan manufacturing, we are the market leader in several specialized and high-performance sectors.

We at FläktComp focuses on:

– High operational reliability
– High efficiency
– Low operating costs
– Long lifespans

For special requirements or applications, we can tailor solutions and develop fans that suit you.

Our philosophy

We are more than a fan supplier. FläktComp is not only a machine supplier that supplies fans. We are your partner in your projects and believe in following our fans from initial design to ongoing maintenance throughout the fan’s lifetime. We believe in working closely with our clients to achieve the best results. Our high-quality fans rank among the top in the world, but it’s our knowledge that makes us truly unique. When you buy a fan from us, you not only get a world-class fan, you also get a partner with fan and process knowledge beyond the ordinary. We strive for long customer relationships and believe in open and honest communication through all stages. With FläktComp, you get a partner with short decision-making paths and a great solution focus, which enables your projects to proceed according to plan and deliver what you promised. It is easy and safe to work with us at FläktComp.