Wastewater Treatment Plant, Skåne

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Biogas fans that keep the process running at the treatment plant

We have delivered 3 biogas fans to a large wastewater treatment plant in Skåne.
The fans are designed according to ATEX standard II 2G/3G c IIA T1.

The fans transport biogas produced from the sludge that the treatment plant receives into its incoming sewage.
Today municipal treatment plants, such as our customer in Skåne, accounts for close to half of the biogas extracted in Sweden.

The fans have a capacity of just over 900 m3/h at 10,000 Pa.
Two of the fans handle the customer’s flow needs and the third fan acts as redundancy to ensure that the process never stops.

Delivery took place in 2022 and the fans is manufactured by our sister company Meidinger in Switzerland.

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