Norrortsleden, Stockholm

Start 5 Project 5 Norrortsleden, Stockholm

FläktComp upgrades existing fans with new fan wheels and junction boxes.

Norrortsleden is a road tunnel in Stockholm that opened to traffic in 2008, and is equipped with impulse fans suspended from the ceiling.
The project chose to install a different make of fans.

After only a few years in operation, the maintenance staff began to discover problems with corrosion on fan wheels, motors and clutch boxes and contacted us at FläktComp Sweden AB.

Between 2019 and 2021, we have updated 43 impulse fans, of a different make than ours, to our corrosion-resistant fan wheels and junction boxes, in cooperation with the tunnel’s operators.

The fan wheels are equipped with steel-reinforced blades and salt water-resistant aluminum alloy and are well suited for the tough environment that prevails in the tunnel.

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