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The fan selection

For FläktComp to be able to dimension the correct fan for your application, some input about the application is needed. Below are some of the parameters that are important to take into account when choosing a fan:

Desired volume flow or mass flow

System pressure
In order to deliver the desired flow, the fan needs to overcome the system’s resistance. If we get our calculations, we need the desired static or total pressure.

Gas density
In the case of transporting “standard air” this is not needed, but in cases with other gases or temperatures this can be critical data for fan selection.

Different operating temperatures may require different material choices for fan wheels.

How much space is available on the site, what does it look like with any existing pipe systems and sizes of these? If we get input on this, we have the opportunity to adapt the size of the fan to your system.

What is your application? We certainly have knowledge of fan choices adapted to your application.

Fan type
Do you know what type of fan you need? Axial and radial fan installations are very different in their design.

Do you have any preferences regarding operation of the fan? Usually, more modern fans are direct driven or with flexible coupling. But of course we solve the drive that suits you, such as e.g. belt drive.
Should the fan be frequency controlled?

How is the fan connected to your system? Is it e.g. free suction and connected on the pressure side or vice versa?
Do you have e.g. requests for outlet angle from the radial fan (See EUROVENT’s list under radial fans (link?)

Are there other company-specific standards that we need to follow, e.g. regarding surface treatment, ATEX etc.?

Do you have other things that are good for us to know? Desirable accessories such as frequency converter and noise reduction?

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