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ATEX fan

We know fans for ATEX environments.
Contact us if you need fans for an application in environments with EX protection.

We are able to design both radial and axial fans that are adapted for operation in explosive environments.
With long experience and many references, we know that our ATEX fans can meet the high demands that are made.


What are ATEX fans?

ATEX fans are fans that are installed in environments where there is a risk that an explosive atmosphere can form. Therefore, these fans need to be designed according to the ATEX directives.
Depending on the classification of the environment, internal solutions inside the fan, such as e.g. spark protection in the fan cover or non-sparking materials.
While in other cases, EX-rated motors are also required.
Explosive gases require special fans.
Our factories are certified according to ATEX for the manufacture of fans for Zone 1 and 2 as well as for Zone 21 and 22 containing dust.
Our factory in Switzerland, we are certified for the manufacture of fans for Zone 0.

Our many years of experience and large product range give our customers peace of mind.
The design, production and use of fans for explosive media or environment is clearly specified in Europe by standardized directives.

To choose the right ATEX fan, one should start from operating data and process design, as well as whether there are any special requirements.
Contact us at FläktComp for support.

Where are ATEX fans used?

ATEX fans is a collective name for the fans that are adapted for explosive environments. There can be different types of fans, but they all have requirements to cope with the environment where they are installed.
ATEX environments can be found in a variety of locations and are not tied to a particular industry type, a couple of examples of areas of use are:

  • Transport of flammable gases.
  • Environments with a lot of dust, fog or steam where there is a risk of ignition.
  • Offshore
  • Chemical industry
  • Battery factories
  • Biogas

Depending on requirements, the design of the biogas fans can be completely adapted to the customer’s needs.
Correctly dimensioned, an ATEX fan provides problem-free operation and high performance for many years.

Technical Data

Volume flow: Up to 3,600,000 m3/h
Pressure:Up to 50,000 Pa
Design:Radial or Axial
ATEX - zoneDown to Zone 0(!)
Temperature class:Down to T6
Material:Acc. to application needs - Special materials are available.

Our Fans

About our ATEX fans

Our ATEX fans are designed and built according to the area, zone and category requirements of each project, and use components that are certified according to ATEX.
In addition, our manufacturing capabilities allow us to meet specific hazardous classifications overseas with a variety of flexible component options, such as NEMA.
Our suppliers’ design and manufacturing expertise in fan technology enables customers to benefit from many years of experience.
By combining knowledge with the very latest standards, we can ensure safe operation in hazardous environments.

Explosion-proof fans

We also work with so-called explosion-proof fans that have sufficient protection and reinforcements to limit an internal explosion in the duct system.
This is achieved by constructing a very robust fan which thus protects against any explosion spreading outside the duct system.


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