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Flue gas fan

Every year we deliver fans that handle flue gases from a variety of industrial processes.
Our fans are capable of transporting flue gases up to 550° C continuously.

Robust design that keeps what it promises.
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What are flue gas fans?

A flue gas fan is a fan that usually has the task of extracting flue gases from an industrial application, e.g. a melting furnace or pan.
Flue gas fans are almost exclusively radial fans and transport not only clean air but also flue gases up to 550° C continuously.

Flue gas fans are often a very important component in an industrial system.

Our many years of experience and large product range give our customers peace of mind.
Development. design and manufacture of fans for flue gas takes place with the highest precision and with the highest quality materials.

In order to choose the right flue gas fan, one should start from operating data and system design, as well as whether there are any special requirements.
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Where are flue gas fans used?

A flue gas fan has the task of working continuously under high temperatures. Usually as an exhaust fan from an industrial oven or similar.

The design of a flue gas fan depends entirely on the customer’s application and needs.
There can be different types of fans and accessories depending on the conditions at the site, but they all have the requirements to cope with the environment where they are installed.

Flue gas fans can be mounted in a variety of locations and are not tied to a particular installation type, but generally for heavier and more specialized industrial applications.

Depending on requirements, the design of a flue gas fan can be completely adapted to the customer’s needs.
Correctly dimensioned, a flue gas fan provides problem-free operation and high performance for many years.

Technical Data

Volume flow: 100 – 300.000 m3/h
Pressure: 100 – 50,000 Pa
Inlet size:from 63 to 2500 mm
Casing thickness:Up to 20 mm
Motor sizes: 0,1 kW to 800 kW (Frame 63 to 450)
Drive:With coupling or V-belt drive. (For lower temperatures also direct drive)
Outlet:RD/LD 0 - 315 acc. to EUROVENT standard
Coating:Acc. to application needs - Special coatings available
Material:Acc. to application needs - Special materials available.
Standard accessories:Shaped inlet, Fire damper, Safety grid, Mounting feet, Vibration damper, Flexible spigots, Counter flange, Silencer, Variable inlet vanes, Back damper, Insulation, Sound enclosures, monitoring sensors, etc.

Our Fans

About our flue gas fans

We at FläktComp have extensive experience in supplying flue gas fans for a variety of applications. In tough applications, it is important that the fans can handle what they are designed for.
Our flue gas fans keep what they promise.

FläktComp provides flue gas fans in sizes from inlet diameter 63 mm up to 2500 mm.

With a robust design, long service life and high efficiency, our flue gas fans are perfect as industrial fans. The fans effectively suck out the flue gases and ensure that the process works as designed.

Our design and manufacturing expertise in fan technology enables customers to benefit from our many years of experience.
By combining our knowledge with the very latest standards, we can ensure safe operation even at high temperatures.

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