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Wall fan

Efficient wall fans for standard and special applications.
Our wall fans have proven their reliability and performance since their introduction in 1989.
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What are wall fans?

The wall fans we offer are direct-driven axial fans that are easily installed in walls or ceilings.
The wall fans can be in 1-phase or 3-phase design.
Our many years of experience and large product range give our customers peace of mind. Development, design and manufacture of fans takes place with the highest precision and with the highest quality materials
The fans are usually supplied as a complete unit, but we can also offer new impellers for existing wall fans.
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Where are wall fans used?

Axial fans for wall mounting are most often used as ventilation solutions in e.g. warehouses or barns.
Depending on requirements, the design of a wall fan can be completely adapted to the customer’s needs. With the right dimensioning and material selection, a wall fan will work problem-free for many years.

Technical Data

Size:315 mm - 800 mm
Model:9 different models
Motors:AC and EC, IP55
Drive:Direct drive
Coating:Polyester epoxy or as desired

Our Fans

Functions and Benefits

Intelligent design
Compact low profile design suitable for vertical or horizontal mounting.

Easy installation
A permanently mounted IP55 junction box makes it easy to connect the fan to existing electricity.

Designed for efficiency
The fan wheel has adjustable profiled blades, made of high quality GRP.
By combining an increased blade cord and twist, the fans achieve 7% higher efficiency, which reduces overall energy consumption. Increased blade root reduces stress levels in the material making our range of fan wheels ideal for demanding fan applications.

Corrosion resistance
Specially treated against corrosion, powder coated with polyester epoxy paint in pastel beige (RAL 7032).

Speed ​​regulation via potentiometer type 149-POT-10, or via input signals DC voltage: 2 to 10V DC; DC: 4 to 20mA DC; Frequency duty cycle: 10 to 95%.

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