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Proven and innovative tunnel technology

Tunnel fans that deliver on thier promises.
FläktComp Sweden provides a complete fan program for all your needs in tunnel ventilation, from impulse fans to larger supply and extract air fans.
We always place great emphasis on low operating costs, stable performance – even under tough conditions, long service life and
low noise level.
Our fans are adapted for installation in e.g.

  • Road tunnels
  • Metro
  • Train tunnels
  • Wind tunnels
Jet fans hanging from roof

Certified for temperature classes F400, F300 and F200 according to EN12101-3

Our entire range of tunnel ventilators is certified for temperature classes F400, F300 and F200 according to EN12101-3.
We also offer the Banana Jet ® impulse fan which generates up to 30% more effective thrust in tunnels.
This solution provides the opportunity to significantly reduce costs for a new tunnel or when upgrading an existing tunnel.
We are also particularly proud that we have the opportunity to perform performance test all our fans in our own test facility.
All jet fans (30-3000N) are measured on test benches according to ISO 13350, axial and centrifugal fans (up to 1,000,000m ³ / h and 20,000Pa) according to ISO 5801.
With long experience and many references, we know that our fans perform and keep what they promise, even under challenging conditions such as high temperatures, dirty air, high peripheral speed or high wear and tear.
In order to dimension a tunnel fan correctly, one should start from the application, the location, how the ventilation is to be controlled and whether there are any special requirements.

Contact us and we will help you find the correct fans for your tunnel